Proofs of Concept

Creating beautiful and fully functional PoC's is one of my core strengths, along with presenting them in compelling demonstrations that win new business.Note: Imagery in some cases are mere approximations to protect intellectual properties. Unless otherwise stated, all development, design, graphics, and backend, were made by my own hands.

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Generative AI
App Development

Created multiple Generative AI PoC's that were fully developed beta apps with beautiful and intuitive interfaces.• Created a full application by coding with Generative AI, reducing dev time by over 50%, and creating the full app in three days.• The app had 5 central features that came to life with breathtaking UI/UX and buttery smooth scrolling. The app leveraged an impromptu shared UI library that I also generated with AI.• One of the biggest advantages in Gen-AI Coding is the ability to rapidly iterate, being thus afforded time for deeper innovations normally foregone due to tight timelines.

Demo video I created to unveil a complex application with sophisticated UI that I built with the help of AI.
A three day build.

Novel Generative AI
Solution for Mental Health

Consulted with an enterprise health institution to create a compelling educational experience for teens and young adults. Invented a Gen-AI use case as a compelling feature.• Created a mental-health PoC with a beautifully animated user interface. Users selected their emotions and spoke their feelings into the device.• Ran the input through safety protocols, from word filters to NLP.• Seeded additional verbiage into the resulting prompt.• Users received an incredible rendering of their feelings as an AI art piece, which they could further personalize. Stored so the user could track their emotions over time.

Monorepo PoC:
5 Features, 4K Lines of Code,
20 Repositories

Created a sample application with 5 features that leverage modern API's or offer unique user interactions. 4K lines of code were written across 20 different repos. This was all to exemplify the client's engineering infrastructure.• App was then migrated to a single repo (Monorepo), with every step meticulously recorded for the client.• Final results were benchmarked against the original multi-repo infrastructure.• The app was partially generated with AI prompting, and was written in Swift UI.• Took advantage of powerful "Swift UI Previews" that allow for hot-loading the UI during coding without having to build the entire app.• Presented how GitActions are properly migrated into the new system, and how a CODEOWNERS file can be used to grant authority to teams or individuals to approve merges.

Novel Biometrics
for Fortune 100 Sport

Worked with client to prove solutions for measuring and tracking athletic activity.• Invented numerous ways to leverage smartphone sensors to track sport activity, including novel use of the proximity sensor normally used when taking calls. Patented by the client.• Created 10 guided fitness routines, leveraging biometric sensing to auto-score and track physical activity.• Gave the user an overall health score, like a digital fingerprint, upon completion of session.• Tested by over 1k athletes in the field.

RFID Solution
for Enterprise
Pet Care

Served as technical sales consultant in an RFP for an enterprise pet care client. Created an RFID PoC that won the account. Used an industrial RFID scanner, an assortment of RFID chips, and an iPad. Connected the scanning device via Bluetooth to the PoC app. The app listened for digital recognitions and responded accordingly. Demonstrated the arrival of a pet to a pet clinic, and the auto-detection of that specific pet via RFID. Auto-detection triggered a pop-up in the iPad "desktop" software. Tapping the pop-up brought up that pet's information and any scheduled services for one-tap check-in.

Sophisticated Interactions
& Animations for
Fortune 500 Fintech

Consulted with client to strategize and implement the modernization of their legacy code base. Solved a series of needs with beta-app PoC's. These solutions were adopted by the client.• Created a complex animation process by which animations could play and rewind in alignment with a sliding UI component. Controlled by the interface, yet active at the shared component level for easy adoption.• Created an animation process for the main tab bar that replaced typical components with branded Lottie animations, elevating the UX.• Oversaw the creation of PoC coded by a direct report that revolutionized the infrastructure of the entire app, based on my observations of best practice. Opened the UX to the above-mentioned improvements and increased app reactivity by 50%.

Image depicts approximations only.

Shared UI Library
for Fortune 500 Fintech

Consulted with client to strategize and implement the modernization of their legacy code base. Directed the generation of a multi-layer ADA solution that was adopted by the client.• The ADA capabilities were built directly into the shared components at the root of the visual rendering pipeline. This afforded wide app coverage with minimal additional effort.• The ADA parameters were published to be adjusted at the interface layer, affording wide customization and greater human likeness.• Through this technique we reached 60% ADA coverage in <6mos, from zero coverage initially.

Image depicts approximations only.

LiDAR Scanning
for Fortune 100 Sport

Consulted with client, having secured preferred vendor status, to create an intensive AR PoC that monitored an athlete's physical motions during sport activity.• The app scanned the athlete with LiDAR technology and generated a real-time 3D plot-map of every joint in the athlete's body. This data was reformatted within the app, enabling export and rendering in specialized, highly-powered external software.• The UI/UX were fully designed, allowing for the recording, viewing, exporting, and deletion of sessions.• Adopted by the client as a research step towards ubiquitous physiological measurement in the field.

Fitness Platform
for Fortune 100 Sport

Consulted with client to generate a web-based coaching solution for pyhsical fitness services.• This web application empowered a coach to create workout sessions, listing exercises, rep counts, and durations, and save them to a library.• The coach could then design fitness plans that covered weeks or months and populate them with their custom workouts.• The coach could share these fitness plans with their clients via the web app, and monitor the results in real time.

AR and Web-AR Storytelling
for Distinctive Wine Brand

Consulted with a premiere Oregon vinyard named Stoller Family Estates who was interested in telling the story of their signature wines.• Created a Proof-of-Concept AR experience, triggered by a printed visual asset. Won the contract and created the nation's largest gallery-wrapped AR Canvas (21'x6'). It features 5 embedded AR experiences that tell the story of Stoller Wines. It continues to hang in their next-generation Experience Center.• Created a second web-based PoC that runs in a mobile browser without need for an app download. Won a second contract to create mulitple web-AR storytelling experiences. These were deeply immersive, and included narrations by the client.

Above, a peak at the final build, first proven as a PoC, with multiple seamless triggers in a single large canvas.

An astonishingly immersive Web AR experience. No app needed. Launches via Safari browser.

Industrial AR
for Leading AI Agency

Consulted with an AI company in Silicon Valley who wanted to launch a new AR product offering.• Created a PoC that allowed the viewer to paint a section of their wall different colors. They could select the sheen and texture they wanted as well. It reacted to ambient light.• Won the contract, namely a Head of AR role within the company, and spearheaded their breakthrough AR offering.• Handed off further AR development to a freshly hired team before moving to an agency role.

PoC version 1, a two-day build.

Google Glass for
Fortune 100 Sport

Took part in a two-day Hackathon at a Fortune 100 Sports company, hosted within their World Headquarters. The focus of the event was leveraging then-emerging Google Glass to augment athletic activity.• Worked on a team of 3, leading design and presentation. We invented a way for Google Glass to interface with the company sports app and guide the pace of your run, maximizing your time and distance. Unlike our competitors, our app was a fully functional beta experience.• Took first place in the competition, with top leaders of the company and Google as judges.

Inaudible Triggers
for Fortune 100 Retail

Participated in a second Hackathon at a Fortune 100 Sports company, this one focused on solving retail pain points.• Leveraged a third party software system that creates and then detects data streams that are played as ultra-high audio frequencies. The signals are inaudible to the human ear, but can be scanned and captured by a smartphone.• Embedded a signal of our own into a sport commercial featuring Lebron James. Played the commercial on a giant film screen while presenting the company's sport app on the stage.• When Lebron James bounded onto the screen, the audio signal in the commercial triggered the company app. It opened a check-out cart loaded with the same sneakers Lebron James was wearing, yet in the user's size. One tap to purchase and ship.• Took first place , and won the prestigious "People's Choice" award.

Geo-Triggered AR
for Adventure Brand

Consulted with a global adventure brand who wanted to make a Pokemon Go styled real-world AR treasure hunt for the holidays. Restricted to Web AR technology as the experience would be added to an existing PWA.• Created a web-based PoC that tracked motion and triggered a captivating WebAR experience that was locked to a predetermined lat/long.• Created a demo presentation of the experience. The client loved it and discussion continue around an implementation.

The actual web PoC, captured in action.
It was a single-day build.

AR Fine Art
for Startup

Created a startup company called "Varlio" that was focused on bringing fine art to life via AR. Sought funding to secure a year's worth of design and development.• Created an immersive PoC with six augmented art pieces. Created the app, the art, and the AR experiences.• Presented the pitch in a regional shark-tank-like competition where I learned to speak to the audience physically while in reality speaking directly to the judges. Took first place.• Presented the pitch to a potential investor and won an investment of $300K in exchange for %10 of the company.

Footage from the debut of my Augmented Art and app experience.
We had rave reviews, called "magical" by art critics, and described
as "Harry-Potter type magic" in Billboard magazine.

Novel Audio Compression
for Startup

My first startup, called Savageapps, was focused on music creation. Audio Units, the deep controllers of audio streams on iOS, were highly complex and poor documented. An inability to decompress multiple audio files simultaneously, coupled with app size limits, restricted looping software to a handful of wav files.• Researched Audio Units / audio compression until a breakthrough was achieved. Discovered a way to play a lesser-known compressed file type via Audio Units without the overhead and delays of file decompression.• Also invented a way to keep all loops in perfect synchronicity by playing a silent loop in the background and aligning all frames of audio data to the master loop. This frame counting was further converted into an index for storing controller movements for playback in perfectly mirrored time.• With these advancements our loop-library for real-time audio mixing smashed through our previous ceiling of 75 loops to well over a thousand loops. This was a massive shift from 1 million loop combinations to 4 Quadrillion, and all on one simple and intuitive interface.• The app was featured by Apple and quickly reached #1 in the world.

A fan-made video pulled from Youtube when our apps were #1 globally.

Motivational Gifting
for Team Fitness

Worked with the non-branded, off-site innovation incubator of a Fortune 100 sports company to bring a number of PoC's to life.• The first of these PoC's was a social fitness experience where users tracked one another's fitness goals and training regimes. Friends could purchase gifts and leave video messages for one another that were unlocked by fitness achievements. The PoC was fully designed and fully functional, save for mocked purchases.• A second PoC empowered "every day coaches" to create customized fitness classes. The app allowed coaches to manage their attendees, training content, and purchases, democratizing social fitness beyond the gym. This app was selected for full development, and I led a team of 4 engineers over seven months building both an iOS and a React version of the experience.